We are more than a consultancy. We are artists. We are art lovers. We are organizers. We are curators. We are facilitators. And we are here to help!

From its beginnings as an open-call art gallery and event space founded in 2011 in Boston's, Jamaica Plain neighborhood, to its current iteration as a multi-functional consultancy, Uforge has always been devoted to supporting artists and other creatives, providing them with a range of resources so that they can take the next step in their careers.


Hailing from an administrative background, as a gallery director and as an event producer, Brian has developed an understanding of what it takes to make things happen.  Surrounded by immense talent ranging from artists and designers to theater professionals, he has the expertise in connecting the dots.

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Combining her experiences as an artist, art historian, culture writer, and retail buyer, Alex is interested in helping other creatives promote themselves and expand their horizons as artists. She believes in the power of social media and shared cultural enthusiasm as a means of making new connections and creating opportunities.